Chain Types

When choosing your chain, remember there are lots of different styles, lengths, widths and weights to choose from.

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The following are popular types of chain:

Anchor Chain
The anchor chain and flat anchor chain are popular with men and women. The anchor chain takes its name from the sea where this sturdy chain was used to secure boats at sea and in the harbour.

Bead Chain or Ball Chain
The bead chain contains small round beads or round balls that are fixed along the chain. The beads can be continuous or separated by lengths of chain.

Box Chain
Taking its name from the humble box, a box chain is made from square hollow that are inter-connected to creat the chain. This simple design is stylish as a Gold Chain or a Silver Chain.

Byzantine Chain
A Byzantine chain typically consists of oval or round links that are paired in alternating sequences to create a beautiful design. Byzantine jewellery, particularly Byzantine chains are renound worldwide for their intricy and style.

Curb Chain
Curb chains are probably the most popular mens chain. They are hard wearing, water resistant and durable. The curb chain sits flat against the neck and chest making it comfortable jewellery to wear day and night.

Figaro Chain
The Figaro chain is sometimes mistaken for a curb chain as the links are also flattened. However, a Figaro chain has a pattern of links that are different sizes, for example two small links then one big one, repeated for the length of the chain.

Figure Of Eight Chain or Infinity Link Chain
As its name suggests, the figure of eight chain or infinity link chain is made with links in the shape of a figure of eight.

Link Chain
The link chain or cable chain, is made with round and oval links of the same size throughout. The link chain is usually thinner than its cousin the rolo chain.

Rolo Chain
Not necessarily named after the sweet, the rolo chain is made with round or oval links that are connected together. This is a popular mens chain as it can be worn day and night.

Rope Chain
Rope chains are tough and versatile. They are made with oval links joined together to create a rope-like effect. A rope chain is suitable to wear on its own or to wear with a pendant if preferred.

Snake Chain
Similar to the snake it is named after, the snake chain is slippery smooth to the touch. Snake chains are made from round wavy metal plates that when joined together are flexible and sleek.

Wheat Chain
A wheat chain contains links that resemble grains of wheat. To create this effect, links in wheat chains usually contain braided strands of oval and twisted oval links. This is one of the most popular types of chain.